Wednesday, July 30, 2014

$7.50 Glam Accent Table Makeover

Hi There!

Earlier today I shared a post that included a sneak peek of this little accent table makeover. I decided I couldn't wait to post it, so here it is! It's one of my favorite furniture makeovers so far. Surprisingly, it also happens to be one of the cheapest redo-s I've done so far as well. I was lucky enough to find this adorable pedestal accent table during a 50% off sale at one of my favorite thrift stores...

Ain't she a beaut?

Coming in at $7.50, she hardly broke the bank. As an added bonus, I didn't even have to spend much money on the supplies to refinish this fun piece. This is what I bought:

1. Accent Table: $7.50
2. Rustoleum White 2X Primer: $3.64
3. Rustoleum Bright Metallic in Gold: $3.64
4. Rustoleum Semi-Gloss in White: $3.64

Grand Total: $18.48

PLUS I didn't even use all of the spray paint. I still had about half a can of each left over for future projects... score!

So here's what I did...

First, I sanded the entire table with a medium grit sandpaper until it was perfectly smooth. Make sure to completely wipe off all of the dust when you are finished, I've learned this lesson the hard way in the past.

Next, I coated the whole thing with spray primer and waited for it to dry. Once dry, I sanded again, this time using a fine grit sand paper (again making sure that there was no sawdust residue).

Then it was time to paint. When I bought this table I was 99% sure that I was going to leave the top black and paint the stand part a glossy cream. Well, I change my mind more often than I change my undies, so that was not the final result. On a whim I decided to add the first pop of gold to my living room (I couldn't resist jumping on that bandwagon) and I grabbed a can of gold spray paint. I decided to go extra glam by pairing it with a glossy, white base.

I spray painted the base of the table white first. I didn't bother to cover the top during this step since I was painting it gold anyway.

After the base dried I wrapped it in a tall kitchen garbage bag and taped it off to prepare to spray the top gold. This was the only part of the project that was a bit time consuming for me.
Here's what this step looked like:

Still not very promising...

Once the top was covered in gold paint I allowed it to dry for 24 hours. Finally, I peeled off the tape and this was the result:

Pretty amazing, right?
Here's a closeup of the top:

And here's one with Keystone, because... well, just because.

Now I have the perfect accent table to go in my vintage glam living room, and I could not be more pleased...

 ***If you're thinking about redoing a table like this one, please read these mistakes I made first*** Hopefully it will save you from doing the same!

1. I used a white primer. HUGE mistake. When I was spraying the semi-gloss white paint on I couldn't tell what parts were already covered, which made it hard to get an even coat.

2. Fill in those holes! My table had a bunch of holes in the wood on the base (they're not noticeable at all in the pics, but they're there) but they weren't very noticeable, so I didn't bother with wood filler. I should have, I can see the holes much better on the white and they do bother me a bit. I plan on filling them sometime in the future, but until I do I'll just have to try to forget that they're there. #lazy #imperfectionrules

So that's my first furniture makeover post. What did you think? What pieces of furniture have you decided to refinish recently? Tell me in the comments below! I'm grateful for every comment and would love to hear your thoughts on my new blog in general! 

Until next time!